Through all the services we offer the only question we have is- 

How much more business can you handle?

Our systems are proven to grow your business as quickly as you can handle.


What We Do


As experts in our field, we focus on doing the work to get your name out there and build your brand. We do an exceptional job at: online marketing, digital marketing, direct mailers, web development, and more. This is just one of the ways we focus on growing your business.

Lead Generation

Through a few different methods, we will generate high quality leads and set them up for your sales team to knock down. We do hard work to make sure leads that we bring to you are already far along in the sales process, making the sale easier.

Sales Growth

We will increase sales by personalizing your sales solutions & implementing a solid roadmap to get you the sales  that you need.  

Sales Training & Workshops

We will set a day long workshop where one of our sales experts will train your sales staff. Since the leads we bring are only valuable if you land the sale- we want to make sure you are set for success.

Web Design

We build modern sites to help you build your brand and drive sales. We work hard to make sure your site is fast, SEO friendly, and looks great while providing amazing functionality. 


We know branding gives our clients a major edge in an already competitive market. With our extensive background we are equipped to create or rebuild your brand with: a new name, logo, slogan, etc. that will set you apart from your competitors.


do the hard work of bringing in new business so you can focus on your business

About Blue Fin

Makenna Sellers

With a successful background in marketing and sales, I learned the in's and out's of the industry and realized the need for companies to have access to an outstanding sales team whether or not they have a sales force in house. At Blue Fin Sales & Marketing our goal is simple: we do the hard work of bringing in new business so you can focus on your business. We offer several products to create a strategic and personalized solution to each company to ensure the best results.

How We Work


We will meet & discuss your business, all things marketing and all things sales. Expect to discuss year to date numbers, year end goals, current marketing & sales programs and social media

Personalized Solution

We will use the information we gathered during the consultation to figure out how we can create a product specifically catered to help your company exceed your goals

Set Roadmap

We will meet again and discuss the sales plan and discuss implementing and work on a timeline for success


Whether its lead generation or social media management, we will implement the plan that we created together and work for 3 months in this stage

Analysis & Review

After 3 months we will meet and give you an analysis showing how we delivered the results that were promised showing your ROI. We will then figure out how to move forward and tweak the plan if necessary for the next 3 months.

Clients About Us

Mike B.

Lodge Excavation
As a smaller construction company with a limited number of employees, being lucky enough to stumble on the service of Blue Fin Sales and Marketing was a God send. After sitting down and discussing what Blue Fin could offer us it was perfect fit. With the help from Blue Fin we can branch into the private market that we were losing out on. And we can forward information to Makenna’s team and let them do their magic- instead of us trying to remember to follow up on a lead after a 12hr day. I highly recommend Makenna and Blue Fin Sales. You won’t find someone more dedicated and driven to see your business grow and be noticed. This company is going places.

Lindsey S.

Lu Lu's Cleaning Crew
Working with Makenna has vastly improved my clientele and social media recognition. The advertising and marketing she provides for my company is showing great benefits and increased revenue within the company. Her strategies and outgoing personality are such an asset to the innovation and growth of my business. Any challenges or issues I encounter, Makenna is quick to offer solutions and new ideas. The opportunities she has provided have well exceeded expectations! She’s always reliable and I look forward to continuing working with her in the future!

Mike H.

Cherryble Brothers
From the moment I met with Makenna (or Blue Fin) I was impressed with their ability to listen to my challenges. Makenna channeled all of that positive energy to find innovative new ideas I would not have thought of and created opportunities in place I would have not looked. You couple that with their strong communication skills and hard work and I will rely on when I encounter more challenges in the future.

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